Sunday, July 26, 2015

SP3RNZ/2 #JO94GH short (ham) trip to Gdansk

Just to confirm that Baltic Sea is still on it's place , meet a friends and have a little rest from reality, planned short trip with my "girls" to Gdansk.

Despite bad weather, I had a great time visiting Wlodek SP2HHX at his radio shack, and great evening spend with Marcel SP2HMR and his wife Bogusia.

Suprisingly (for me) well known St.Dominic's fairs started Saturday July 25th in Gdansk, at Main City, for 755th time!
Amazing events, open air concerts, performers, theather, music and more almost unreal cultral feelings in one place. Plenty of different nations, different languages "walking" the streets and enjoying the events. Unfortunately no hams discovered in the crowd :-) maybe just bad luck ;-). Singing CQ would help?

Main point of the trip was to deliver new Turnstile antenna made at RNZ LAB for the 4m beacon SR2FHG in JO94II located at SP2KDS clubstation. Not to mention opening few beer bottles after, with Marcel SP2HMR :-) (Thanks!)
Hope this will improve signal performance at tropo and Es distances across EU.
Look for the SR2FHG/B signals at 70.105MHz, A1A mode.

Updated Monday July 27.2015 - they are fast! Antenna installed on top of mast.
Now 360 degrees takeoff.

Good memories: Wlodek SP2HHX and me at his shack ( he will be on 4m soon! )

Anyway, weekend came to an end, 3 FB days but QRL on monday again :-(,
But it's worth - great hams, FB hospitality and great place to visit in Poland.


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