Sunday, July 19, 2015

International Space Station SSTV weekend July 18-19.2015

Quite off topic, but in the circle of my interest - for fun.

This weekend we have anothe uniwue chance to receive SSTV transmission from ISS commemorating SOYUZ -APOLLO mission.
Reception is possible even on wet panties. Only RX at 145.800 is mandatory.

Some pics from early morning (2-3UTC) flyby. Receiver IC7100 w/o LNA, 30m RG213, and colinear GP from 160Mhz mounted at 1,5m agl.

Pics are bit distorted - QRN by thunderstorm in the time of pass.

2 passes left today, so more pic's to come.

Here's 06:45UT pass, max elev 19deg, next even worse with only 2,2deg.


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  1. Pics look great I would love to try for them sometime
    Regards Tommy vk2ir