Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sweden SM6CCO #JO78FN QRV - grid # 300 on 4m

As You already aware there's another temporary permit to operate 70MHz in Sweden.
Hope it can be step to free the band in last Scandinavian country without 4m.

Map credit : F6FVY locator finder

After 4 years of my operation on 4m (4 on 4 btw) today with high MUF I've got unique opportunity to work
my grid no.300 on this nice band.


Thanks to Jurek SP9HWY, always vigilant, he worked SM6CCO first, sharing the spot on clx.
Unfortunately this not mean it was easy shot, just because we have different propagation, but after 10minutes SM6CCO appeared with CQ on CW with quite nice signal.
SM6CCO, Bengt is operating on 25W and dipole antenna to meet permission specs. Licence ends November 1st, so still plenty of time to work new one# or maybe new DXCC.


Monday, May 23, 2016

UN3M/B - First UN beacon on air - soon !

Hi all

Nearly 4 years a go in June 2012 when Poland gained access to 70MHz our friend Gabi HA1YA donated us 4m beacon.
It was first Polish beacon, now operational as SR3FHC/B in JO92AD.

Time to share the help with others and payback to 4m community.

Proudly present - first Kazakhstan beacon donated by RNZ LAB to Nick UN3M.

Simple device based on GM900 MB radio, slightly modified interior for better PA coolling, 3 selectable channels for future usage, 10W output,
can be switched to 5W.
Beacon ( as we agreed with Nick ) will operate on 70.090MHz in part for personal temporary beacons, sending call and locator approx twice in a minute to decrease power consumption.
Marker based on uPC 89C2051 - original idea by SQ2EAP.

Hope we can hear UN3M / B on air soon from LO61MD.

Enjoy !

Friday, May 20, 2016

OZ/SP7VC Bornholm trip #JO75IE

Another fishing activity from Bornholm Island by Mek SP7VC will take place coming Monday and Tuesday.
This time different QTH, probably Hasle, should be better than Nexo with his weather radar :-)

QRG will be given on arrival, planned activity start Monday May 23, around 16-17UTC, and will be continued on Tuesday May 24, around same time.
There's no chance for him to be QRV at morning hours because of early fishing schedule.

Worked stations OZ1BNN, OZ1MFP, SP6MLK,

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A survey - What square do You need in SP on 70MHz (still)

Apart of Most Wanted List provided by Bo OZ2M, I want to ask 4m community and interested op's - what are the most wanted SP squares for You on 4m.

NOTE: There is not a piece of SP in either KO21 or KO22 square.

Map credit : SP6NVK HAMatlas, KMZ created in Google Earth

Please look on the map below, check your logs, and let me know, voting non anonymously by comment below the post, or just send me @mail.

Survey will close June 15.2016

Tnx & 73

Friday, May 6, 2016

UN on 4m - path closest UA OIRT stations

Prior to have a real beacon in UN7, Nick UN3M gave me some info about closest to his area OIRT stations.
They do not have OIRT in Kazakhstan, but on the way to UN7 still UA are active.
Hopefully Nick will have real beacon ready for Es season end of May.

Below frequencies and locations:

70.070 QTH Tula # KO84SE

70.190 QTH Moscow # KO85TQ

70.250 QTH Voronezh # KO91OO

70.310 QTH Samara R.Rosji # LO53CF

70.340 QTH Yoshkar-Ola # LO36WO

70.430 QTH Kazan # LO45NT

GL !