Friday, April 8, 2022

ISS SSTV event, April 7-8 2022

Just few minutes a go, had the last pass of this SSTV event, some of the results below.

Always a fun catching #ISS with simple setup - this time FT-817 no preamp, and 3x5/8L professional Vertical, for 149MHz band, feed with 20m of RG213. Because of bad WX antenna mounted on the ground, for sure causing pattern changes, but worked FB anyway 

April 7th , 09:26UTC :

 April 8th, 10:14UTC

 Almost end of pass, 10:21UTC - ISS gone below the horizon

April 8th, 11:54UTC  ISS overhead, high elevation, but bad timing for all pictures... 


April 8th, 13:30UTC

 April 8th, 15:06UTC