Tuesday, April 2, 2019

MSHV 2.11 settings for 6m EME

Prepared for Mario K2ZD Feb.19.2019
(edited Mar.2019)
This is how my screen looks like after initial setup in Options /Macros/ etc. I'll back to this later. 
Will skip similar things from WSJT, the only difference is at first sight, one can switch between long display (used for FT8) and single display known from WSJT. It's easy to do by clicking on 2D sign in upper right corner of the screen. 
Of course any MSHV need to be tweaked to line up with radio audio levels and operator preferences, so if needed display can be tuned to get proper contrast and brightness. Two sliders below “TUNE DISPLAY” – right side of screen will help. 
Additionally I have different waterfall speed set to 6 or 7 sometimes – this is only operator preference. I just like it this way. 
Similar as in WSJT, we need to set “Sync Def” parameter which is in my case -1 – same as -30 in WSJT. 
There’s no difference if we set -1 or -30 in WSJT, it’s just decoder parameter to  skip sync count. So -1 here will do the job. 
Other screen parameters should be obvious, let’s go to “Settings”.

If  we look in MSHV folder ( assume it’s installed according with Installer hint – best in other partition than C:\) We will find few files/folders containing vital information letting us to tweak the program behaviour without annoying  false decodes. 
Let’s dig deeper inside “Settings” folder. 
In my case it’s located in E:\MSHV\Settings

Files with name starting ms_xxxx are setup files in text format, even if they have different extensions. No reason to change anything inside so let’s go to our target folder “database”  - here E:\MSHV\settings\database