Tuesday, July 21, 2015

2nd Balkan tour by Mek SP7VC & Kasia SQ7OYL

In around the peak of Perseids as all 4m op's probably aware we will have chance to hunt for some new squares across the Balkans.
Nothing new to say, that the event will be possible thanks to Mek SP7VC & Kasia SQ7OYL summer trip, travelling across the Balkans for the second time.
Activity is scheduled mainly in YO ( legal licence - big thanks to Dani YO5LD for help) LZ and SV at the end of trip.

Here's a map with possible # to activate. Exact locations may vary depending upon good/better location there. Be aware that Mek is unpredictable as classic YL, so we can have another "pit stop" squares active along the trip, i.e on "Bus stop" or some nice view near lake or mountains :-)

Planned dates of activity:

01.08- KN37DP, 02.08- KN27XP,KN38DA, 03.03-KN15XD or KN25AD, 04.08- KN14XX or KN24AX
05.08-KN13UN, 06.08-KN22SK

07.08-10.08-KN32WT, 09.08- KN43AI

10.08-12.08- KN21KE,KN31DA,KN30CW?, 13.08- KN10LP

Remember SP7VC always transmit in FIRST period no matter what mode, so no need to ask for a zillion times which period he is, etc. If You copy his CQ - call with report.

Due to "on field" operation, and GSM/WLAN coverage it might happen, that there will be seconds of time inaccuracies in WSJT.

I am not Mek's trip pilot. At least I am not told to be.
Any help from me is limited just to help him work YOU at certain times,directions etc.. No calls QSP, no "hear him", or any other info wil be passed. You must do the QSO yourself.
And please do not try to stretch my patience. It's has own limits.
If needed, I will post ANY info sent by Mek to 4/6m KST chat as soon as I can.
Worked stations will be published here as well.
Any mistakes, busted calls, unsure QSO - write @ directly to MEK, not to me. I can't solve it.

PLEASE DO NOT post ANY details of pending QSO on KST chat page.
No matter it's Your or not.
(Except his CQ to let others know there are stones around.)

Pasting info like "0918 4.3 200 0 26 -99 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx AB1CD" by some op's can't help, but doing nothing than harming QSO confidency.
By the way - It's kind of cheating, me thinks. Don't You?
A station in QSO easily can imagine what is behind the X's, dot's or asterisks.
Do we really wan't to read low EGO hams destroying one's QSO just to show "LOOK AT ME, I HEAR HIM"?


Thank's for understanding.


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