Monday, September 14, 2020

2020 ARRL EME contest and 70MHz #JO57GG by Danish op's

Same as last Year, well known group of Danish operators will be QRV in ARRL EME Contest, on 144 MHz and 1296MHz band during 2nd weekend of October, 10-11 under the call OZ9KY.  

They will be located same as usual in JO57GG, at the Jorgen's OZ1GWD QRA. Although they plan to do extensive run in EME contest, in the meantime 70MHz operation is also planned for those who need this rare #. 

 Lot's of various equipment will be set up, so no doubt they will have fun :-)

Please contact Henrik, OZ8ZS with OZ2OE (inspecting the setup above) for sked schedule and more information.   

GL all !

Monday, September 7, 2020

New Polish 50MHz beacon

 On behalf of Jurek, SP3SLU I'm glad to announce following info :

From beginning of September 2020 there's new beacon SR3KWA/B active on two bands 50 & 144Mhz from permanent location in Turek, JO92GA. 

Working frequencies 50.345MHz and 144.463Mhz CW mode. 

Both transmitters are 5W output TX feeding Squalo Antenna on 6m, and Cross dipole on 144MHz. 

Location at Zbig, SP3GRE property, on local hilltop, overall height for 2m antenna is 158m a.s.l and little lower for 6m Squalo antenna (pic below).  

Both transmitteres were donated by "Polski Klub UKF" and adapted by SP5XMU and SP5MX. 

Initial idea of beacon - Jurek SP3SLU and Zenek SP3JBI, all work done by SP3KWA members and fellows from OT-27 (Southern Greater Poland) branch of PZK.

Any reports welcome - please send us note with your locator, equipment or just report SP3SLU@WP.PL

Tnx Jurek.