Sunday, November 27, 2016

IC-7300 low SSB power? Not anymore.

Here You can see two different Icoms IC-7300, both with newest FW 1.14 tested on 100W Spinner dummy load using standard hand Micropohone.  


Do You need more explanation or You can catch conclusions yourself ? ;-) 

Thanks for my good friend Peter SP2DMB for cutting and producing the video, and for Mek SP7VC for lending the TRX for comparison.

 73 !

Sunday, November 20, 2016

IC-7300 6m EME receiver tests

Receiver measurements done earlier and described in previous post lead me to do some on air test.
When my 756P3 came on workbench to LNA modification, it was the time to test 7300 on EME signals.
Not digging deeper into RX architecture and differences, test show that both receivers performs well and 7300 without LNA is usefull for EME try, even with single antenna.
At the time I can't say 7300 is better than 756P3, because  having both connected I can't see much difference.
 IC-756P3 RX screen:

Maybe (only my subjective look) 756P3 with internal preamps is 1-2dBJT better at EME decodes.

IC-7300 RX screen:

On the other hand 7300 seems to be a little "quieter" at the same time - maybe because of (as per Icom adverisement ) extremely low RX phase noise.
At least I can say having 7300 as spare RIG for 6m  is good idea.   



Monday, November 14, 2016

ICOM IC-7300 External Keypad - Updated

Here we are.
For those who don't like to push IC-7300 screen constructor of  famous FT-847 filter mods, Peter SP2DMB produced external keypad in few final versions.

Depending on version device uses PCB with SMT elements, covered with ABS box.

Version "mini" with 4 keys

Keypad 7300 "Max" with or without Mic connector - choose version which suits your needs.

For more info and test videos check Youtube VIDEO  or drop him e-mail at


Saturday, November 12, 2016

GM6VXB/P wet square # IP60WD

Saturday bring quite a nice suprise and occassion to work rare wet square IP60WD after putting 4m antenna back on duty in the morning.
Beacuse of bad weather Martin GM6VXB stuck at his QRL /P on drilling Rig "Transocean Spitsbergen"

 Image credit

As usual with radio depending on workload and QRL breaks giving unique chance to work rare squares usually not active, or uninhabited at all.  

Despite my temporary antenna limitations at ~3m above the ground signals were good and clear.

This resulted full QSO with both sides 73 exchanged.

Martin will move to another rare # JP01 on Monday, at least when WX permits to get out of IP60.
Good luck !

Unlocking MSK144 mode in MSHV 1.26 - (obsolete)

Growing interest in new mode MSK144 without installing WSJT-X lead me to write this short "HOWTO"
After installing MSHV we can see MSK144 mode checkbox is grey.

 We will fix it now :-)

Assuming your MSHV instance is installed in drive/partition D: on your PC we need to get into "settings" folder - in my example it's  D:\MSHV126\settings.

 Look for the file as shown above.

 Open it with Notepad and scroll down to get line "mod_identifaer=2"

Change the value from "2" to "0", and in the line below "auto_decode_all=MSK144=0" set value to "1"
Close the file saving changes.

There You are. After restart MSHV will let You operate  MSK144.

Unfortunately there's no way to change it under running program, if You switch to FSK441 or any other mode, software will not let You back to MSK144.
Good idea is to use two separate instances of MSHV, with one configured only to MSK.

Enjoy !

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

ES0UG & LY2AAM Summer Baltic pedition QSL arrived

Nice suprise today, visiting P.O.Box for usual parcels from Central QSL bureau found ES0UG and LY2AAM cards from Summer Baltic pedition among others new 4m grids.

Tnx to Uwe DL3BQA & gang - KO07, KO08 and KO23 now in pocket. CU from another #guys.