Saturday, July 24, 2021

2nd "Around SP" Trip by SP7VC and SQ7OYL

 On behalf of Mek SP7VC and Kasia SQ7OYL :

"Due to the unstable pandemic situation in many European countries, we are postponing our planned trip to Iceland to 2022. This year, like last year, we are making a small trip around Poland. In addition to bathing in water and sun, we plan radio operation in the 70 MHz and 3.5 MHz bands. During our trip we also plan to visit some of our fellow hams in Poland. The approximate schedule of our trip is as follows. Of course, it can be slightly modified.

24.07 Saturday   QTH Chęciny (SP8SIW) grid KO00FT

25.07 Sunday    QTH Kazimierz Dolny- Nałęczów grid KO00xx

26.07 Monday    QTH Łapy (SP4Z)   grid KO12KX

27.07 Tuesday    QTH Białystok  (SQ4U)  grid KO13OD

28.07 Wednesday  QTH Jabramowo  (SP4CGJ) grid KO14EG

29.07 Thursday   QTH Jabramowo (SP4CGJ) grid KO14EG

30.07 Friday QTH Gołdap/Wilkasy - grid KO04UA

31.07 Saturday  QTH Olsztyn - grid KO03xx

01.08 Sunday QTH Olsztyn - grid KO03xx

02.08 Monday QTH Karwia - grid JO94OT

03.08 Tuesday QTH Białogóra - grid JO84XT

04.08 Wednesday  QTH Łeba - grid JO84SS

05.08 Thursday QTH Rowy - grid JO84MP

06.08 Friday QTH Rowy - grid JO84WP

07.08 Saturday QTH Rowy - grid JO84WP

08.08 Sunday QTH Kołobrzeg/Dźwirzyno grid JO84QD

09.08 Monday QTH Dźwirzyno - grid JO84QD

10.08 Tuesday QTH Rewal (SQ1FYY) - grid JO74MB

11.08 Wednesday QTH Rewal (SQ1FYY) - grid JO74MB

12.08 Thursday QTH Stradzewo (SP1S) - grid JO73RF

13.08 Friday QTH Kunowo  (SP3CFM) - grid JO83NG

14.08 Saturday QTH Kunowo  (SP3CFM) - grid JO83NG

15.08 Sunday  - way back home.

Any sked proposal for missing grids on 70MHz please e-mail SP7VC@WP.PL

Hope to meet You on the air !  "