Friday, March 22, 2019

Happy spring everyone :-)

It's been quite sometime from last post here, but let's hope I can find few free minutes to publish something new what can be interesting to all followers/readers.

Of course no advertisements here, this blog will never flood your screen with new bra for your wife, intelligent egg vibrator or similar sh* You can find elsewhere on the web.

The truth is end of 2018 was very busy for me, and being abroad I was not able to focus on the blog page. But that's not excluded ham radio.
My short story about New Years activity as F/SP3RNZ will be published later.

Anyway, if you awaited any new post here, I promise they will be added if only my time permit.
Thanks for all your comments below previous post - and just reminder - I am reading all of them by ocassion, but have no time to answer them all, sorry. If you want me to answer, please send a copy of your comment to my e-mail.
Have a nice spring everyone ! (at least in Europe). 

CU - Greg