Friday, July 3, 2015

Alaska into EU - another extraordinary event

Last night, around midnight local time (22UTC) another KL7-EU opening occured, on almost dead band whole day with no any major Es opening.

Yesturday's opening took place exactly 1 year after 4-5 openings last Year, started with first Alaska into EU signals at July 1st.2014 ended around July 5th 2014.

This time Pertti OG2M worked two active Alaska stations, KL7HBK in BO49ET at 6587km, and KL7KY in BP51EN at 6388km.
Well deserved. Congrats again Pertti !

Amazing thing is, John KL7HBK was using 3el homebrew Yagi only, and 1,5kW - Pertti run 4x7el LFA2, there was no signal observed on his single 9el M2 antenna. 2 stacked Yagis were used by Kevin KL7KY.

Here's a Google map showing the path across the North Pole. Pertti said his antenna was heading 0 deg at the time of QSO. Signals reported were weak.

Image credit : Google Earth,
QTH Locator viewer by SP6NVK, VE2XK drawing hints.

Quick look at K index, show's that it was low/very low at around 22UTC with A index about 3.

Image credit:

Well. This is SIX. Expect unexpected.


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  1. Great remarks and thanks for your notes.From empty band after whole day qrv.

    Pertti OG2M