Thursday, July 28, 2016

SP3RNZ / 8 - KO20BU MS Distance Prediction

If Perseids will be as strong as they are predicted, we should be able to reach distance close to 2000km from KO20BU.

 Map courtesy : OK2KKW site

It means, hardest QSO on 4m could be West part of UK, Ireland and Spain but it all depends on density of the shower.

CU soon.   

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

"SIX on SIX" Award.

Mark WN3SIX issuing very nice, colourfull Award for those who do 6m.

Seriously talking it's not very easy to get six different stations with "SIX" suffix nowadays..
But if You dig deeper in your log, there's a chance You already have some from the past.

Award is free, only fee is post fee payable to Mark WN3SIX directly.

Here are the RULES with complete list of available stations.

GL !

GM6VXB/P - #JO08 - cancelled.

According to message from Martin GM6VXB/P due to extensive KST abuse and discussion, there will be no further activity from remaining Platforms. Gear is packed and will be shipped back to GM.


I have been "somewhere" in the field more than 15 times. I can say I know what I'm talking about.
There's always a risk when You travel somewhere at rare place, You'll find somebody unsatisfied after.

But the hell, any small or big dxpedition is not a WHOREHOUSE, 
not everyone can be satisfied at once..

Those who complained, You better think that ham radio is still a hobby, not a fight.

It is not up to us to dictate to anybody what advances can 
and cannot be made.

Or maybe go somewhere and see it from the other side ?

Congrats for those who worked # JO08, sorry for those who not. You decide whom to thank.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

SP3RNZ / 8 & SP7VC / 8 - KO20BU "Pre" Perseids activity

"Joined square Pedition KO20BU" - very "END" of Poland, Zosin village. August 5-7.2016.

We will be QRV form KO20BU starting Friday late evening August 5th, for two days, leaving KO20 on Sunday August,07 morning UTC time.

Activity planned on 50, 70 and 144MHz running two bands simultaneously, with priority given to 70MHz.

RIG used Icom's 7300 x2, FT847, TS2000 and PA's.
Antennas 70MHz 6el YU7EF, 50MHz 4el YU7EF, 144MHz 11el Yagi.

Log, pictures, news will be posted on this blog, we will try to do it realtime, depending on network coverage.

No KST chat, any violence of RF contact, posting reports, yours or for other station, will be clearly marked and will cause QSO remove from log.

We will always transmit in 1st period, on any band. Direction will be noted in CQ, as well as split, if needed.

We hope to have more luck than last KO20 activity.


GM6VXB/P - #JO08 6/4/2m platform activation

On behalf of Martin GM6VXB here's the news about coming activation of JO08 squares starting at Piper Bravo # JO08CL, Claymore Alpha # JO08DK and Tartan Alpha # JO08AI platforms.

Quick look where they are ;

Image by Gautier, D.L. - US Dept. of Interior USGS Bulletin 2204-C, page 9, Public Domain,

# Piper Bravo JO08CL July 25-27 qrv not earlier than 18UTC

Image courtesy

Leaving early morning July 27.
Been informed that there is only a small pole available for antennas so he can only put
up one antenna at a time. Which band - depending on conditions there.

# Claymore Alpha JO08DK July 27-29

Image credit:

Will be on Claymore from morning of July 27th until morning of July 29th.

# Tartan Alpha # JO08AI July 29-30(31)

Image credit: Oil-rig

On Tartan Alpha for the last work. Leave the field Either Sunday July 30 or Monday July 31st depending on flight availability.

NOTE : All flight times can change as the three platforms are in a poor area for fog so delays
are possible during July.

GL !

Thursday, July 14, 2016

First SP -UN QSO on 70MHz by SP8WJW

I knew it's possible. First QSO between UN and SP is a fact now.

Piotr SP8WJW worked 2226km CW QSO with Nick UN3M about 06:55 UTC.

Massive clouds over Eastern UR and part of Russia with MUF up to 100MHz before and after QSO were observed.

Congrats Piotr, EX next? WTG !

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

GM6VXB/P IP70WJ - hard job

As You probably aware Martin moved from Foinaven ship to Schehallion platform.
Will be QRV again tommorow morning ~9UTC after QRL.

Signals were absent at the time I started MSHV monitor, but improved later on when OZ2OE worked him.
Note clear background. Neighbour still in QRL :-)

But things changed rapidly when started to call him. Damned chinesee Halogen Flooding Lamp in neighbours garage makes the QSO almost impossible.

But finally 3 burst were copied - despite 12dB noises last two were good and usefull, MSHV decoded full string,
WSJT10 runnnig the same RX only partial calls and R26 report. Note the calls highlight feature in MSHV.
QSO were logged by Martin at 19:45UTC. IC-7300 passed his first 4m MS exam ;-)

Monday, July 11, 2016

GM6VXB/P # IP70UH - Foinaven

Here's a fresh info from Martin, unfortunately nothing what can make ham happy.
Update July 11.2016
" A really noisy platform.
Mounted the antennas onto the side of the helideck which is
above the equipment (radio) room after consulting with the onboard
radio operator/technician.
On all three bands I see S8 to 9 noise with occassional peaks to 9+20.
Noise is from the main equipment room UPS systems and also from
the production level. Nothing I can do about it.

Tried four different locations and all except one has the same noise
levels. Just now have re-located the antennas to the very front of the
vessel just below the helideck. Still noisy but down an S point.

Pretty tired after a long day (up at 04:00) so will not do anything more
Work start time is 05:00Z so do not think I will get chance to get to
the radio until first break at 09:00Z and also at 11:30Z"

Thanks for Your effort Martin and GL tommorow.


Saturday, July 9, 2016

Quarter wave splitter for 2/4 or 6m band stacks

Made with square Al tube, under strict AppCad dimensions, 0,2mm accuracy.

Inner conductor polished copper pipe, stabilised with PTFE spacers inside. Similar to this below.

Inner look :

Final measurements :

Final look :

Additionally 4 antennas splitter also available if needed :

Delivery time 2 weeks.

Prices on e-mail.

I0QM - real BALUN device for any DX antenna

I0QM Balun, made with good quality RG cable.
Perfectly cut for band frequency with good SWR response.
Used in all serious antennas on 6m and 4m where perfect symmetry and out of band noises rejection is demanded.

Masurements :

Ended with N female connector, silver or nickel coated, gold or silvered inner pin, PTFE insulated.
Antenna side - M4 solder lugs secured with Andrew tape.
N connector Box is sealed with epoxy resin, 100% waterproof, will survive a bomb probably.

For more details see post

Price on e-mail.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

GM6VXB/P - IP70WJ & IP70UH 50/70MHz activation

Monday or Tuesday coming week (11/12 July) Martin GM6VXB, well known from previous activities from remote places around Scotland and Shetland Islands, will try to activate another rare grid square on 70 and 50MHz - IP70.

Activity (planned) will take place from two OIL platforms:

Foinaven #IP70UH - starting July 11 evening time, ending July 13 morning time.

Image credit


Shehallion platform #IP70WJ from July 13 to morning July 15.2016

Image credit


There is one strict condition - no interference should occur to internal Radio network, and of course QRM level on the bands will allow to make any QSO. But this needs to be checked on arrival.

To give You an idea, where the locations are, look on the Sea map below:

Image credit

According to information from Martin the gear is on the way to IP70, fingers crossed for low QRM & good conditions.


Friday, July 1, 2016

First UN - Europe QSO's on 70MHz

What was bound to happen has happened - as expected by me earlier DX QSO between EU and Asia is a fact now.

Early morning phone from Stan woke me up in the middle of forest :-) "somewhere" in Northern Poland.
Stan said that he is copying UN3M/B solid in JO80. Be aware that when beacon is ON Nick is in QRL, but it was good sign for him when he will back at lunch time!

I am very happy that all efforts made by Nick UN3M and me to put the beacon on the air PAID OFF!

While second Es cloud was moving above UN, other UN stations appeared as well.
Nick UN3M was clearly heard in PA by Johan PF7M, and in Poland by Stan SP6MLK, but no QSO this attempt.
Nick reported terrible OIRT QRM on the band, nothing unusual - he has got Es skip above Russia and Ukraine same time with tons of OIRT transmitters on the path.

Some time later Mike UN8GC worked two PA stations - Johan PF7M and Rinze PC5C.

This make a distance of 5135km between PC5C in JO33EE and Mike UN8GC in MN83KF, and 5156km between Johan PF7M in JO33BA.
I am pretty sure that best is yet to come soon.

Well done guys, congrats Johan, Mike and Rinze!