Thursday, April 26, 2018

SV9/SP7VC - Crete Island #KM25MI QRV - UPDATE II

4m log:

MSK144 :  9H1BT, 9H1TX, 9H1PI, DJ5MN, S57TW

On behalf of Mek, SP7VC :

During the long weekend holidays Apr.29 - May.05th I will be QRV with Kate SQ7OYL from Crete Island, Greece using SV9/SP7VC call.
I will be QRV in spare time ( usually as often as possible ) on HF, 6m and 4m with SSB/digimodes.

GRID Locator : KM25MI antenna overlooking the sea to EU mainland

I plan  to be active for short periods (randomly during the sightseeing trips) from other not active SV9 locators : KM15, KM24, KM35.
Watch out ON4KST for any info.  

 map credit : google.maps and F6FVY website.

Frequencies :

4m FSK441 70.230 and MSK144/FT8 70.213 MHz

During Es, if any (I hope) - I will QSY to SSB - 70.200 with split for DL if any.

Mek SP7VC & Kasia SQ7OYL

Thursday, April 12, 2018

ARIS SSTV - pictures received during expedition #55 -updated

Captured with bare Yaesu FT-100 with 7el Yagi @50 MHz QTF 270 later changed to 3x5/8 wave colinear vertical @152 MHz at 1,5m above ground.
Only "complete" pictures shown due to QSB/QRM or not suitable elevation.

April 11.2018

April 12.2018

April 13.2018

April 14.2018

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

ARISS SSTV Award - Expedition #55 Apr 11-14.2018 - updated

For those who are interested digging into space, or just sky above, there's an event coming soon - actually starting tommorow, April 11.2018 when ISS crew is scheduled to start send pictures (again).

 Image taken from

All You need is 2m FM receiver, piece of audio interface to connect PC and software.

QRG : 145.800 +/- doppler FM modulation, piece of wire (really) or any wet string outside the house.
The bigger the better of course, 2m resonant vertical antenna will help of course :-D

Time : April 11-14.2018 passes.

Software: MMTTY, RX-SSTV and good to have Orbitron for tracking the ISS pass.

Special event Award will be issued for those who can submit even one picture received.

More at ARISS page

Here it is :-)

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

First Polish MGM Contest

Contest will be run in two parts, parallel to RSGB Contest,
Organiser: Polish National UKF Club SP0VHF.
Rules below, any question or comment please send to 

GL !

When things go wrong :-D with "Bouvet"

Somewhere in November I was searching for any good small area receiving antenna for low band to complete one of last two DXCC's.
Bouvet , that is.
Having small place to use for this project the choice seemed obvious - full size single K9AY loop switchable N-S directions.

Suprisingly antenna performed very well, even and installed close to metal garden garage and house on the side. Termination resistance matrix in lack of Vactrol were made according to OE7OPJ design - worked FB. Difference between N-S direction with proper termination was more than 1S.
And of course much less noise.
In result, some good DX worked on 80 and 40m not even decodable on InvVee or wire Inv L antenna.

Well, unfortunately not Bouvet :-( . Pity, but there's always a next time.
Anyway, having separate RX antenna without automated front end saving and TX inhibit is a real adventure :-) But when You forget it's a real life... sometimes things can go wrong :-)

Well, next time I will build bigger box and bigger termination resistors.

Something to remember - never install K9AY loop close to another HF antennas. :-O


Monday, April 9, 2018

Spring meeting at SP2GUB shack #JO94RE

Early spring meeting in Elblag, JO94RE at SP2GUB shack. 

Lot's of equipment, and sweet mess on workbench that's is how ham shack should look :-) 

 Pics taken during RIG tests and great ham time with radio friends.

L to R : Andy SP3UCA, me SP3RNZ, Wlodek SP2HHX, Jurek LB4UH a.k.a SP2ASJ, Jurek SP2GUB (shack owner) and Adam SP2RIT.

Thanks for great time and see You again guys !