Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Noisy QTH? Tell me more.

As You probably QSO'ed me on 4 or 6m You know my QTH was almost noiseless few Years a go.
But time flies, and 2-3 Years a go situation started to get worse. 
Apart of small noise sources we can observe on 50MHz everywhere where we can find humans :-), it's time to add another which is bigger than anything before.

If Your neighbour decide to put PV on his roof, that can be shot in your heart.

Actually, your heart will suffer attack later, after You see what You get as surplus of his new shiny braight PV panels...

There are some screenshots from my IC-7300 waterfall, showing some noise conditions, with antenna pointed side to neighbours house, approximately same height as PV panels at distance ~50m.

2019 , September :

 Can be worse? Yes...

 2020, May 1st, sunny, no clouds.

2020, May 3rd, little clouds - lines got thinner - if sky gets cloudy noise matrix decreases a little, after dark almost dissapearing, but leaving something like screen noise on the background.

Rising count of Photo-Voltaic devices causing more and more QRM for us. Actually I am resigned, and looking for any place away from home to put remote RX station. There's no way to copy anything amongst this shitty QRM. Only directions left is East, There are points where antennas back null in pattern can lower the noise some 10-15dB. Not much better on 70MHz. Almost the same as on 6m.
Pointing antenna somewhere 230 - 360 causing waterfall getting white and no signals can be heard.

Spoken with friends noticed new PV in neighbouhood, almost same QRM on waterfall.

Will see what we can do about it, letter to the regulator is on the way.

So if You think your QTH is noisy, pray nobody will install something like this.


Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Germany new 50MHz regulation

Great news for German hams came today :

Effective of today German Regulatory Office "BNetz" released new regulation for 50MHz use in Germany. Following agreements set at WRC-19 conference from today on, German hams can use frequencies within 50.000MHz - 52.000MHz on secondary basis.
But what is most important, also allowed power limits are increased from 25Watts PEP to 750W PEP in 6m subband 50.000-50.400MHz for class "A" licence holders. 
Owners of class "E" licence are allowed to use 100W PEP within this segment of magic band.
Part of the band above 50.400MHz is still covered by limited power of 25W PEP.
Compiled from Internet news signed by DK2ZC, DARC Frequency Manager
Congrats guys!