Thursday, October 29, 2020

SILENT KEY Memorial Nov.01.2020 - update

November 1st is almost over. 

95 QSO's made on 40m CW only, during 3hours Memorial, with "PF7M"  report, making Johan's call to be heard again on the waves...  R.I.P 


       A day of remembrance, about all the folks already gone. 

No doubt all of us lost some ham radio friend, known personally, or even those never met "radio friend" always ready to talk, joking or just help. 

Some of them were daily on KST duty, giving You new one, pile-up fun on the expedition, or just sharing knowledge with You.

Hardy DC8TS/DI2BK, Johan PF7M, Arvo ES1CW to name a few... Maybe You miss your friend  worth to remember?  

Let's give their callsigns a life again. 

For 3 hours their callsigns can be heard again like sign of good memories.. 

November 1st is the best day to do it... 

Hungarian Radio Society MRASZ organizes Silent Key Memory Contest. 

Contest will start 06:00UTC, end at 08:59 UTC on 80 and 40m. 

Rules can be found HERE



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