Thursday, October 1, 2020

Digging in the "salt mine"

 My friend Arvo ES1CW (R.I.P) said to me one day, that working with the QSL's card is like salt mine digging...well, Arvo was main ES (ERAU) QSL manager, so his salt mine was much bigger than mine. The only thing I have about, it's every QSL is like piece of crystal, keeping inside "moment" of QSO. Each one is different, and each one should have it's way to recipient. You can have e-qsl, LOTW - but it won't give You same personal memories when You keep paper card in your hands..

So if You have in your log S.E.S callsign 3Z95IARU (I know few of You 6m op's worked them) - You'll get your card soon (I hope). At least I'll do my best to make it happen. 

95yrs of IARU S.E.S QSL
Small :-) 31kg's batch just sorted for each DXCC. Guess which DXCC is won ths battle? 3rd column... yes, it's DL packet. Imagine how big it must be in Central PZK Bureau...? 



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