Sunday, June 17, 2018

SP3RNZ/P #JO84MA portable square pedition

Here I am :-) small field hilltop, no any noises, except birds. And some daylight mosquitos. Really??

4m log : G4BWP, S57TW, DJ5MN,  DK2EA, DM2BHG, PA2M, DF5VAE, DH8BQA, OZ2OE, OZ3ZW, DF6HT, PA3ECU, S57A, ON4FI, SP2HHX, OZ8ZS, SP2GUB, OH5ZA, DL5WG, DG1VL, SP3OCC, G0CHE. QRT now, thank You all for Sunday fun.

4m Timeouts (at least now) : OK2BRD, OK2POI,

And usual pics :-)

Operating village :

Operating hilltop :

And the setup :-)

Clear band, no any noises except MS:

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