Monday, March 21, 2022

Long distance Es-TEP event, March 20.2022

 As the TEP season is already pending in South EU and Olive belt countries, here in "Northern" part of EU we can only watch for QSO's taking place and envy. Although sometimes we can work ZS or V5 with piece of luck, longer DX are rare events.

But sometimes 6m can be lucky for us, just confirming the 6m phrase "right time, right place"

That was the case yesturday, when in the middle of TEP opening beetwen South Europe and South America, Chris SP5AOZ in KO02LI worked VP8NO in GD18BH with Sporadic E +TEP over Atlantic Ocean at 17:27UTC.

The distance was almost 13770km.

Congrats for both, pretty unusual conditions, bearing in mind that SFI was only 98 at this time with A=4 and K=1. 

Hope for more luck for us, as the Es season is coming closer. 

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