Saturday, December 26, 2020

International Space Station "Mission 64" SSTV pics upd. Dec.31.2020

No need for complicated radio stuff, just something that will receive 145.800MHz FM mode, and ANY possible antenna, not neccesary to be 2m stuff, ofc one can use WebSDR with 2m but it's more fun to catch the pics. Tried even Baofeng UVB-6 - working good at higher ISS elevation :-)  

Here some pictures better or worse received during ISS flyby last days received on FT-817 and 7ele Yagi for 50MHz with MMSSTV software. For flyby prediction free ORBITRON soft was used but there's many tracking software on the web, and also websites dedicated to it, i.e ISSTRACKER

 Dec 26 :

  Dec 25:

 Dec 27

 Dec 28

Dec 29 - none - forgot to leave radio ON :-))

Dec 30


Dec 31 


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