Thursday, April 26, 2018

SV9/SP7VC - Crete Island #KM25MI QRV - UPDATE II

4m log:

MSK144 :  9H1BT, 9H1TX, 9H1PI, DJ5MN, S57TW

On behalf of Mek, SP7VC :

During the long weekend holidays Apr.29 - May.05th I will be QRV with Kate SQ7OYL from Crete Island, Greece using SV9/SP7VC call.
I will be QRV in spare time ( usually as often as possible ) on HF, 6m and 4m with SSB/digimodes.

GRID Locator : KM25MI antenna overlooking the sea to EU mainland

I plan  to be active for short periods (randomly during the sightseeing trips) from other not active SV9 locators : KM15, KM24, KM35.
Watch out ON4KST for any info.  

 map credit : google.maps and F6FVY website.

Frequencies :

4m FSK441 70.230 and MSK144/FT8 70.213 MHz

During Es, if any (I hope) - I will QSY to SSB - 70.200 with split for DL if any.

Mek SP7VC & Kasia SQ7OYL

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  1. Hello there hpe to have a qso on 4m .we are qrx on 200 pse turn to 9h time to time or sched for MSK.

    73s David 9H1TX