Thursday, March 30, 2017

SM - Sweden again on 70MHz in 2017

On behalf of my good friend Henrik OZ8ZS I am pleased to pass following information to 4m community:

"This Year activity will take place during annual  
Nordic VHF meeting with the call SK6YH from JO58TA grid. 
Source: Google maps

Thanks to SM6EAN Mats we got the license in right time. Station will be QRV from June.09 (afternoon) till end of the meeting June.11.2017.

Because of licence limitations we will use TX frequency 70.1375MHz 

(as in previous activities), so we will work split and try to be active 
on FSK441, and if good tropo or Es also SSB and CW.
On digimodes - we will always call 1st and 30s.
At this moment I don't know the Internet access, but we will try to announce split QRG on ON4KST, so please look out there.
Our equipment: FT-847 or IC-7300 and 5 el antenna. Take off from JO58TA is not the best, but we hope to make many qso`s. 
I will call it "payback time", as you know I am a #hunter on 4m and really appreciate all the previous expeditions giving many new squares for me, and all the other 4m #hunters.
Vy 73 de OZ8ZS Henrik & SM6EAN Mats."

GL !

EDIT : June 09.2017 

Guys doing great job there, good sigs and hope they work as many as cndx permits

GL !

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