Friday, June 10, 2016

ICOM's new child, first measurements and impressions of IC-7300

Not sure what is all the rumour about, but it's seems lot's of peoples are
more excited about the new IC-7300 than a pretty girl ;-)

As ICOM life user I'll try to look with cold eye on this new piece of stuff.
Today I had a chance to get first measurement, thanks to Mek SP7VC for lending me the RIG.

Yep, this is it. Small neat RIG, looking just great at first sight.
Knobs reminds me older brothers 7600/770 family, and homestly to say, pictures are not as good as radio standing on the table.
Hard to say anything bad about the material, front panel looking great, clear rear panel with quite big fan - overall impressions are very good.
Additionally 7300 remembers TX Power settings between HF/50/70MHz.

Let's go to some initial measurements I did today. Testing device used : STABILOCK 4015 by Schlumberger.
Measurements : RX sensivity both bands 4 and 6m, TX power measurements at low stages.

NOTE: I know that serious measurements needs to be SINAD ones, but please keep in mind that NOT everyone of ham radio users of 7300 are familiar with SINAD levels, noise ratio comparisons etc, etc.

In this case "SENSIVITY" describing a signal with a level You can hear with You own ear and see on screen.
(Assuming You have not experienced any problems with hearing :-) )
Closer to MDS method of tests, levels are given in uV and dBm.

RX conditions : mode CW, 1,2kHz FIL1, DSP off, frequency 50.200MHz for 6m, and 70.100MHz for 4m band.

TX conditions : mode FM/RTTY

There's one thing what makes me sad... Initial tests on TX show that Icom still struggling with the ALC "pre time".
It seems like 7300 is "bad" same way as 7100 with low TX output power on SSB.
But this need further investigation.


73 !

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