Tuesday, June 16, 2015

FT-847 - another happy user ;-)

Just got very neat message from George SV1JRF, user of Yaesu FT847. His radio after needed service job and adding 4m mods by DMB/RNZ was returned to him last week. Standard mods were applied giving ~70W output with clean RF signal. Much improved selectivity with sharp BPF gave 0,12uV sensivity in result. Below is George's message:

"Dear Greg, I received my 847 today! Amazing, works great!!! I haven't managed to make a qso yet due to bad propagation + poor antenna (2 ele beam), but I heard the local beacon and also some time in the afternoon I heard the beacon which is located in Crete!
Thx for everything!!! Many 73s de SV1JRF"

Another happy 847 user. Great!

Here is another way to do the modification on solder side, improved by the time of first described v.1.0. PTFE silver wires were used. Much safer for interconnections. Beware of two 0Ohm SMD 0603 resistors acting as shorts - small yellow circles.

Overall view on main PCB after modification

If You feel You need improve your 847 performance with new RX low noise PIN diodes, AGC off/on switch, power switch relay, or just simply 4m modification don't hesitate to contact me or Peter SP2DMB.

More hints on 847 and tested mods will be posted in next posts.

73, Greg

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