Wednesday, July 27, 2016

GM6VXB/P - #JO08 - cancelled.

According to message from Martin GM6VXB/P due to extensive KST abuse and discussion, there will be no further activity from remaining Platforms. Gear is packed and will be shipped back to GM.


I have been "somewhere" in the field more than 15 times. I can say I know what I'm talking about.
There's always a risk when You travel somewhere at rare place, You'll find somebody unsatisfied after.

But the hell, any small or big dxpedition is not a WHOREHOUSE, 
not everyone can be satisfied at once..

Those who complained, You better think that ham radio is still a hobby, not a fight.

It is not up to us to dictate to anybody what advances can 
and cannot be made.

Or maybe go somewhere and see it from the other side ?

Congrats for those who worked # JO08, sorry for those who not. You decide whom to thank.

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