Wednesday, July 20, 2016

GM6VXB/P - #JO08 6/4/2m platform activation

On behalf of Martin GM6VXB here's the news about coming activation of JO08 squares starting at Piper Bravo # JO08CL, Claymore Alpha # JO08DK and Tartan Alpha # JO08AI platforms.

Quick look where they are ;

Image by Gautier, D.L. - US Dept. of Interior USGS Bulletin 2204-C, page 9, Public Domain,

# Piper Bravo JO08CL July 25-27 qrv not earlier than 18UTC

Image courtesy

Leaving early morning July 27.
Been informed that there is only a small pole available for antennas so he can only put
up one antenna at a time. Which band - depending on conditions there.

# Claymore Alpha JO08DK July 27-29

Image credit:

Will be on Claymore from morning of July 27th until morning of July 29th.

# Tartan Alpha # JO08AI July 29-30(31)

Image credit: Oil-rig

On Tartan Alpha for the last work. Leave the field Either Sunday July 30 or Monday July 31st depending on flight availability.

NOTE : All flight times can change as the three platforms are in a poor area for fog so delays
are possible during July.

GL !


  1. Hej, Greg, many thanks for your great 4m-DX-info service! Un-beatable! And of course pse QSP my interest to Martin!
    I am a 950-split-handicaped OP here in DL...hihi
    73 Bernhard DI2MN

  2. After abuse on 50MHz ON4KST last night I am now QRT all bands from the last two locations.

    Martin, GM6VXB