Friday, July 1, 2016

First UN - Europe QSO's on 70MHz

What was bound to happen has happened - as expected by me earlier DX QSO between EU and Asia is a fact now.

Early morning phone from Stan woke me up in the middle of forest :-) "somewhere" in Northern Poland.
Stan said that he is copying UN3M/B solid in JO80. Be aware that when beacon is ON Nick is in QRL, but it was good sign for him when he will back at lunch time!

I am very happy that all efforts made by Nick UN3M and me to put the beacon on the air PAID OFF!

While second Es cloud was moving above UN, other UN stations appeared as well.
Nick UN3M was clearly heard in PA by Johan PF7M, and in Poland by Stan SP6MLK, but no QSO this attempt.
Nick reported terrible OIRT QRM on the band, nothing unusual - he has got Es skip above Russia and Ukraine same time with tons of OIRT transmitters on the path.

Some time later Mike UN8GC worked two PA stations - Johan PF7M and Rinze PC5C.

This make a distance of 5135km between PC5C in JO33EE and Mike UN8GC in MN83KF, and 5156km between Johan PF7M in JO33BA.
I am pretty sure that best is yet to come soon.

Well done guys, congrats Johan, Mike and Rinze!

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