Sunday, October 9, 2016

New multiband beacon SR5TDM in KO01KX

In effect of huge work done by friends from SP5, Poland will have another usefull set of beacons on few bands starting from 10m on HF and 6m/4m/2m/70cm on VHF.

New beacon is located in KO01KX, with the same call SR5TDM/B on all bands. QRG's : 28.215MHz, 50.415MHz, 70.115MHz (CW dial). 

At the moment beacon is QRV on 10m, 6m and 4m with 3W output and set of turnstile antennas proudly made by RNZ LAB. 

More bands to come soon - follow the info at the beacon site

As You can see, antennas are installed on wind power station, takeoff is full 360 degress with clear horizon.
Overall height is ~200 meters a.s.l.

More outstanding photos : HERE and HERE 

Hope You can hear the beacon soon !


Thursday, September 29, 2016

UN3M @ 70MHz QSL card arrived.

Finally, UN in the pocket. New DXCC, new main grid, new loc. Best DX of 2016.

Thank You Nick for beautiful QSL card !
 CU again in 2017 !

Sunday, September 25, 2016

SP/OH5LID again in the shack ! ;-)

All what's good or even better, coming to an end very quickly.

Again, after two Years from first meeting, I've had unique opportunity to eyeball QSO and to drink a Tomza beer with my Finnish friend Janne, better known as LID.

OH5LID to be exact ;-)

This time Janne as "Iron man" or maybe Ironmagpie :-) stopped by in our house for trip break on the way back from after Ironman competition in Pula, Croatia, driven by his amazing Boss XYL Natalia.

We had FB evening here joining 40 Years Anniversary meeting of local club SP3PGZ from Kolo, where we meet lot of ham radio operators, good beer and Polish cuisine specialities.

      L to R : Janne himself, my XYL Ola, Natalia and Andy SP3FCO.

Long talks after back home, and unique atmosphere with our special guests makes Suomi, Polish and Russian almost the same languages :-)

Pity Finland is not next door - but we will try to fix it :-) maybe next Year,

Have a safe trip home!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

6m from Kanton Island, Kiribati by T31T Polish DX pedition -UPDATE

This page will bring You fresh news about 50MHz  activity from T31T,  Kanton, Central Kiribati.

A  Polish DX-Pedition by REBEL DX Goup will run EU's Most Wanted #5 DXCC entity on HF, but special, 
first ever 50MHz activity from Kanton Island will be conducted by well known globetrotter 
 Mek SP7VC

Main operation will start after long trip from Poland to Samoa 5W1, and few days sailing to remote Kanton Island. Estimated time - October 1-2nd. 

Due to transportation costs, ( more than $1k ) and high luggage manipulation fees, attemp to bring EME equipment there and Moonbounce operation on 6m has been cancelled.

Mek will utilise one of Icom's IC-7300 and 4 element Yagi designed by YU7EF for terrestial Es operation, all possible modes. If You feel there's a chance to any opening into particular part of VK/JA/ZL please send DXCLX spot. Although there will be no real time DXcluster usage, we will try to QSP message to Mek.

Below is a Azimuthal map with headings from Kanton Island.

Saturday, September 24.2016
For those who want to see where they are now - tracker link :

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Saturday, August 27, 2016

GM6VXB/P Bleo Holm activity #IO98GC

On behalf of Martin GM6VXB I am forwarding following information :

On monday , August 29 Martin will fly to the Bleo-Holm ship, and will
try to activate IO98GC square.
His work there is scheduled for at least 3 days, so 2/4/6m activity is possible.

Image courtesy

Operation will start on 4m, probably Monday evening.
Band will be changed to 6 or 2m for random operation if no takers on 4m.
Antenna change takes 15-30min so please be patient.

Times of operation as follows (UTC) :
Tuesday onwards 05:00-06:00, 09:00-09:30, 11:00-11:30, 11:00-12:00 15:00-15:30 and evenings possibly 18:00-20:00 UTC. 

Depending on workload there's small chance to operate outside of this schedule. Martin is hoping that ship is in good position to keep antenna in good position with low noise.

GL !

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

GM6VXB/P Buzzard platform JO07KU grid activation.

On behalf of Martin GM6VXB, I am pleased to announce that despite all compliants on last JO08 activity Martin will try to activate rare grid JO07KU at Buzzard Oil platform.

 Picture courtesy

Latest info:

"Now been told I have got a flight today at 13:00.It is quite windy offshore so will see if I can get antennas up tonight.

Will see if I can be QRV tonight but not sure if things will be organizedby then.

If not I hope to be QRV tomorrow around 05:00 for one hour and next period is from 12:00 to 13:00. 

Evenings from around 19:00 for two hours."

Activity will concentrate on 4 and 6m, all depending on tests after arrival, and possible interferences to comm systems onboard. Usual MS frequencies and modes.

MY NOTE : Please be patient. This is one man show, he is not on vacation, lot's of work to do prior to ham radio, so activity periods, and lenght can vary depending on conditions there...


GL !