Wednesday, July 6, 2016

GM6VXB/P - IP70WJ & IP70UH 50/70MHz activation

Monday or Tuesday coming week (11/12 July) Martin GM6VXB, well known from previous activities from remote places around Scotland and Shetland Islands, will try to activate another rare grid square on 70 and 50MHz - IP70.

Activity (planned) will take place from two OIL platforms:

Foinaven #IP70UH - starting July 11 evening time, ending July 13 morning time.

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Shehallion platform #IP70WJ from July 13 to morning July 15.2016

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There is one strict condition - no interference should occur to internal Radio network, and of course QRM level on the bands will allow to make any QSO. But this needs to be checked on arrival.

To give You an idea, where the locations are, look on the Sea map below:

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According to information from Martin the gear is on the way to IP70, fingers crossed for low QRM & good conditions.


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