Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Let's stack... Something :-) 2 * EF0606W1 YU7EF design "V6M" project - ACCOMPLISHED

Garden mess partially cleaned. XYL seems to be happy :-) Well, actually not fully satisfied ;-)

As You probably aware, EME DX-peditioner Lance W7GJ is on the Falalop, V6 ( F.S.M )
This was the reason to build something different than single Yagi to try EME bouncing with him.
Of course also good reason to fight with bad WX (sudden rain and winds)as well as fast running time, to get on spot with minimum of Degradation coming weekend.
Second or third reason was to build & test my first stack - light version of YU7EF EF0606W1 Yagis in Vertical polarisation.

All parts are recycled ( greeeeen antenna :-) ! ) from previously used antennas, EF0609/0407 etc.
No animals were hurt during production :-D, just one scared neighbour and my two fingers cutted by accident. Nah !

This is light version of EF0606W1 designed for me by Pop YU7EF (thank You!), tapered elements, 12/10mm and 300mm square tube boom to minimize weight, and better wind resistance.
Simulation show 11,6dBi freespace gain of single antenna, pair of two should be ~2-2,5dB better.

Planned elevation mount, pity, but not this time...

Horizontal pattern

Few pics during project work :

Center mounting plate : square boom 40x40x2mm with 100cm inner tube dia 35mm on joints

Horizontal support vs boom joint plate

DE with I0QM resonant balun attached.

Left antenna, closer look. Boom little saggy at it's 6m lenght , will correct it before lift up.

Both antennas at low level. Awesome :-)

Last pics at Earth level, Wednesday. Booms corrected. Moon behind - a good omen?

and last corrections Thursday Aug.27

Time is running fast, best time to go higher : - )

And finally 2*6el YU7EF operational at 12m.

First measurements : SWR at 50.150MHz 1:1.13, at 50.200 1:1,22 ( measured with AA-170 )

Now it's time to work V6 :-)

Assume 2*6el YU7EF stack project done. This all was possible with great help and encouragement of Pop, YU7EF. Hvala.


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