Monday, August 3, 2015

Balkan Trip YO/SP7VC/P #KN15XD log

Because of late arrival activity started ~21:30. Unfortunately 550km journey to KN15 took 12 hours. You can guess why... ;-)

Mek reports very low E-W rocks at the morning, much better at evening so will focus at 4/6m evening activity today.

Today, August.03 short activity from KN24DX (not KN14AX as mentioned before) around 14-15UTC.
Field operation, generator powered, 4el Yagi and 4 meters only.

After that, back to KN15XD for 4 and 6m operation in the evening.

Tommorow QSY to LZ, KN13UX.

YO/SP7VC/P stations logged Aug.03/04 # KN15XD QTH: Horezu

4m: S57A, DJ5MN, S51DI,



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