Saturday, August 22, 2015

SV9/DJ5MN #KM25QI Bernie on Crete Isl. - UPADTED Aug.27

On behalf of Bernhard DJ5MN :

Hi Greg,

Telegramm-info (if you like you can distribute to DXers)

SV9/DJ5MN #KM25QI Antenna set up done, QRV 40-10m 6m 4m. CW ok, SSB limited due to microphone problem.
6m QSOs done, 4m not open yet. HF/6m: ~200 QSO done for test CW 99 %


SV9/DJ5MN/m #KM15 Today Saturday, August.22 HF + 6m + 4m QRV several hours during daylight , CW (SSB see above)
pse monitor 50.099 +/-3 kHz and 70.200 - will announce in DX cluster or KST

SV9/DJ5MN/p #KM24 HF + 6m + 4m will announce details to SP3RNZ as soon as possible and will try KST / DX cluster

73 Bernhard SV9/DJ5MN

UPDATE August 25.2015

So far 1007 QSOs from KM25....255 on 6m and exactly zero QSOs on 4m.
Condx are mediocre to damned bad.

In addition there is a lovely little source of QRM that needs "special treatment" from time to time....please see picture...Tobias preparing for /mm. ;-)

KM24 or KM35 end of to come.
Feel free to publish....

73 from Crete!
Bernhard SV9/DJ5MN

UPDATE August 27.2015

Hi Greg, On Friday, August 28., we plan to be in KM35. I will try to be QRV as SV9/DJ5MN/p for some hours during daylight on 6m and 4m. If no condx on VHF I will try some HF. All operation is CW only as my microphone is broken. There is some little chance to be in KM35 on Saturday as well. I will I info you... QRG around 50099 +/- 3 kHz. ......and 70200...
Please find attached a photo of my SV9 shack in KM25qi.
Feel free to publish. 73 Bernhard

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