Thursday, September 3, 2015

3W3RR/JAIL QSO with Roman Vega. An American Jail Journey.

Today I got special QSL, for the QSO that probably is impossible to made.
Of course no CW or verbal contact has been made, but just "human" touch with ham radio greetings.
The Jail QSO.

As You probably aware I am not VHF born, so those of You interested in HF DX-ing must know the story or just heard about the person this post is about.
This is the guy, known as Roman Vega ( last call 3W3RR or formerly UB5JRR ) I have in my log with plenty of variuos callsigns.

If You are serious HF'er, and/or DX'er You know that he served more new ones for DX community than probably nobody else these days, to mention rare Spratly 1S0XV activation, or North Korea DXP signed as P5RS7 few Years later.

Romeo is in U.S jail now for more than 12 Years. He was arrested in 5B4 back in 2003 and transferred to US then.
Most interesting thing is, that in US, after 12 Years he is still not sentenced by the American court.
No proofs for him? Apparently...

Judge yourself. I am amazed after reading whole story, how it's possible in US. Is this really Country of Freedom?
Worth read and think.

You can find full info on Romeo's jail journey blog made and updated by his friends HERE


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