Sunday, July 2, 2017

West UN opening on 70MHz July 02.2017

Band came up suddenly with lot's of OIRT traces form East today. At about 06:30UTC waterfall was clear but 2 traces with leading 70.160 Radio Rossija and some minor 70.060MHz same publicistic programm were visible.
The clock of course is wrong :-) distinct pulses were driven by OIRT full hour clock signal at 07:00UTC

Then few minutes later suddenly out of noise 70.175 MHz Sergey UN7IT popped up with CQ between OIRT spurs, signal was varying, with some slight QSB. At 07:11UTC signal rises up to solid 559 between OIRT crashes, and QSO completed.

UN7IT AUDIO 07:15UTC and  12:20UTC
UN3M short CQ (forgot to push recording) ~07:47UTC

The band was open no doubt. At 07:47 solid CQ from Nick UN3M on 70.200MHz, when at the same time UN7IT was down in the noise, Es clouds causing vice-versa copy - few grids between  them.

Map source:

Clouds started to shift Westward and Sergey got his shot with DL stations, mostly around JN48/JN58 grids, some OK2, and SP8 worked him also.

After some break, conditions back again around 11UTC. Just back in shack and see again strange OIRT right on 70.200MHz appeared quite strong. Never heard it in 2016, but this Year 4th time. New one TX?
(Radio clock corrected) 

 At this time Es clouds were located like this :

Map source :

Some 30-45 minutes later Sergey UN7IT started to be audible again on CW, Interesting - almost  NO OIRT QRM ! this time. Listen to his CQ up on this page.

Then QSY to JT65 and lot's of JT65decodes followed, -20 to -10dB at best.
Propagation lasted more than hour longer then cndx gone slowly... Hope not last time this Year !

 73 !

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