Saturday, July 1, 2017

6m DX went "DIGI"

That's a fact - and we can't do anything about it. There's strong demand to work any DX on 6m and even "hard hat" community guys went QSY to JT65 also. Not all of  them, some still hesitating and throwing a thunders for all the rest who is enjoying marginal or even better openings.

After a week of silence 6m woke up again, and we had a nice Saturday morning here.


There was a real crowd on JTDX waterfall, EU's on even, and JA's/Asia on odd with best wave at 07:07 UTC where 32 ! unique JA's were decoded + DS4EOI :-)

Nice catch was Yoshiharu san, JP1LRT/6, which is QRV from PL24UO grid, rare one, Miyako-jima Island below Okinawa.

Mr. Yoshiharu was QRV from MOBILE ! with 50W only and 6ele Yagi !

This is what JT65 is made for ! 

Picture courtesy of JP1LRT/6, TU !

Hope Es persist and we'll have fun also tommorow, could be one of last occassions this season to have some fun on 6m.


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