Sunday, July 9, 2017

DF0TEC station Woltersdorf #JO73CE

If You're keen 2m contest op, You'll probably know the team members of DF0TEC in Woltersdorf, Olli DH8BQA, Uwe DL3BQA and Heiko DG1BHA.

First sight close to QTH already making some sweet ham impressions :-) Probably every one of DX'er dreaming about QTH something like this one :-)
If You are not 2m op, I am pretty sure You will remember their Baltic 2016 VHF DX ES & LY from various grids under calls ES0UG #KO07/KO08/KO18 and LY2AAM #KO23 square on 6 and 4m.

Delivery of new club antenna was a great occassion to visit the club and meet friends known from RF waves. Unfortunately Olli DH8BQA can't be present (we've missed You Olli ), but we had a great time with Uwe DL3BQA and Heiko DG1BHA assembling the antenna and discussing ham radio stories with home made Radler beer by Uwe :-)

Heiko DG1BHA & me in the DF0TEC club room. Heiko is a master of cables, towers climbing and all hard work :-)

Uwe DL3BQA, ES0UG/LY2AAM Baltic 2016 VHF dxp team leader, and all the essential club stuff manager.

Thanks for great time guys & hope to mee you again ! 

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