Monday, May 23, 2016

UN3M/B - First UN beacon on air - soon !

Hi all

Nearly 4 years a go in June 2012 when Poland gained access to 70MHz our friend Gabi HA1YA donated us 4m beacon.
It was first Polish beacon, now operational as SR3FHC/B in JO92AD.

Time to share the help with others and payback to 4m community.

Proudly present - first Kazakhstan beacon donated by RNZ LAB to Nick UN3M.

Simple device based on GM900 MB radio, slightly modified interior for better PA coolling, 3 selectable channels for future usage, 10W output,
can be switched to 5W.
Beacon ( as we agreed with Nick ) will operate on 70.090MHz in part for personal temporary beacons, sending call and locator approx twice in a minute to decrease power consumption.
Marker based on uPC 89C2051 - original idea by SQ2EAP.

Hope we can hear UN3M / B on air soon from LO61MD.

Enjoy !

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  1. Grzegorz
    Czekam na Twoje first SP-UN QSO on 4m :)