Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sweden SM6CCO #JO78FN QRV - grid # 300 on 4m

As You already aware there's another temporary permit to operate 70MHz in Sweden.
Hope it can be step to free the band in last Scandinavian country without 4m.

Map credit : F6FVY locator finder

After 4 years of my operation on 4m (4 on 4 btw) today with high MUF I've got unique opportunity to work
my grid no.300 on this nice band.


Thanks to Jurek SP9HWY, always vigilant, he worked SM6CCO first, sharing the spot on clx.
Unfortunately this not mean it was easy shot, just because we have different propagation, but after 10minutes SM6CCO appeared with CQ on CW with quite nice signal.
SM6CCO, Bengt is operating on 25W and dipole antenna to meet permission specs. Licence ends November 1st, so still plenty of time to work new one# or maybe new DXCC.


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