Friday, May 6, 2016

UN on 4m - path closest UA OIRT stations

Prior to have a real beacon in UN7, Nick UN3M gave me some info about closest to his area OIRT stations.
They do not have OIRT in Kazakhstan, but on the way to UN7 still UA are active.
Hopefully Nick will have real beacon ready for Es season end of May.

Below frequencies and locations:

70.070 QTH Tula # KO84SE

70.190 QTH Moscow # KO85TQ

70.250 QTH Voronezh # KO91OO

70.310 QTH Samara R.Rosji # LO53CF

70.340 QTH Yoshkar-Ola # LO36WO

70.430 QTH Kazan # LO45NT

GL !

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