Friday, March 23, 2018

6m DX coordination proposal from Yoshi JP1LRT and Japan hams.

Quoted from letter sent by Yoshi-san to Joe K1JT (original spelling):

"(…) Last Summer, I did make a SUPER DX QSO on 6m band with JT65. So many people saw an incredible QSO. 
It was not a short-range communication with a neighbor country but 
a super-long distance communication across the continent. With SSB or CW, we do not have many opportunities. But with JT65, we could make a QSO even a few, very weak openings.Extreme multi-hop ES with JT65 , it was an amazing world.
However, there were two problems.
1.TX/RX sequence
When the strong station transmits in the receiving sequence, weak radiowaves arriving across the continent have been covered and not decodable.
So we, Japanese people did try an attempt to unify the transmission
sequence to the ODD number side.
Many Japanese agreed with the attempt, so we were able to get 
a quiet receiving environment.
2.QRM from domestic QSO or short range international QSO with
neighbouring country
This is a BIG PROBLEM. These signals are very strong.
The station that cannot receive a DX signal start DOMESTIC QSO 
on the same DF of SUPER DX station.... We witnessed such a tragic scene many times last summer. So we tried to separate frequencies between domestic communication and international communication (...)"
Made by Joe OE4VIE, source
"So...I would like to try make a "CONSENSUS" in the world-wide user
community. I did try to contact with SMIRK, UKSMG, SixItalia, FaceBook Community-50 MHz-The Magic Band-DX.

IK0FTA Sergio-san (SixItalia) and OE4VIE Jo-san (FaceBook Community-50MHz-The Magic Band-DX) gave me a responses.
They agree with my suggestion. I am still waiting some responses 

from SMIRK and UKSMG.

And this "movement" started to move little by little - OE4VIE Jo,made icons (pic above) and started distributing.

      If you can agree with this, please let your friends know.
I think that we will announce the operating frequency to ON4KST chat, but this 50.323 MHz will be one choice. It would be nice if people who would like to enjoy domestic communication and nearby international communications or those who would like to enjoy long distance communication between continents should respect each other and create an environment free of conflict"

Thank you for reading my poor English.
FB DX. 73.
Best Regards

JP1LRT Yoshiharu Tsukuura

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