Friday, March 23, 2018

50MHz Es season is coming

Hi all.

As we all know soon we will experience flood of digital activity around 50.276 and 50.313 MHz.
Looking on HF bands JT65 is dying slowly, losing with FT8 mode which is obviously more productive
and better for fast QSB known well from 6m.
But on the other hand single frequency used for this mode will cause more QRM and overcrowded waterfall.
Is there chance to detect low, weak DX signal on brief opening among other EU stations on 50.313?
Doubt we will...
Adding the fact people still do not understand that FT8 is not low power but weak signal mode - soon we will see many unclear signals and ghost traces from EU.

How many DX we will miss?  

This lead to conclusion tha we NEED to find some other frquencies to work long haul DX and to detects them. We don't have to bury them under EU signals.

Please read next post, a message from known Japanese digi fan Yoshiharu JP1LRT ... and spread among your SIX meters friend. 

73 !

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