Sunday, June 21, 2020

"Around Poland" VHF dxpedition - WET squares event

After a week of "Around Poland VHF dxpedition" activity on the mainland squares, a special event is planned :-) 
Luckily convinced Mek, he should go sailing, and voila! 

Donors list updated - THANK YOU for your generous support !

First EVER 70MHz activity from 

WET squares 

JO85xa and JO95aa 

will take place soon. 

planned JO85XA90

planned JO95AA00
Map sources : TK5EP map locator

This event is scheduled for weekend July 25th - or 26th as we are limited by weather, more info TBA later.
Each square will be activated for 5 full hours, so full day sail is scheduled, adding 2+2 hours for sailng forth and back.
Fishermen's boat "HARPUN", already checked by Mek, with 230V power for SSPA on board :-) antennas will be attached at the back, both 3 ele YU7EF for 6m , and 2x2el (wide angle) for 70MHz.

Temporary shack for 6 and 4m equipment, and operating place.

Some of You already worked DL guys on 6m (DL3BQA / LY2AAM and Co.) on their way back home from one of their Baltic VHF expeditions, but certainly none of You worked theses squares on 70MHz.

To make this happen, we are seeking for your help. 

 Previously we never asked for it. 

 But renting a boat for whole day sail, is unfortunately quite expensive. 

Overall costs of renting this boat for full single day event on the Sea will exceed 500 Euros.

If You want to help with this special event please consider ANY donation.

Donors : OZ1JXY, PA2M, G4BWP, OZ2OE, PA3BIY, S57TW, DL6BF, DK8NE, DK2GOX, PA3ECU, S51DI, Dk2EA, OZ8ZS,  and? You?

All donors will get their QSL card free of charge, also special "coffee" mug is planned as a gift for those who make highest count of active squares during the Around Poland VHF x-pedition.
Donors callsigns will be updated here on the page. 

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