Wednesday, April 11, 2018

ARISS SSTV Award - Expedition #55 Apr 11-14.2018 - updated

For those who are interested digging into space, or just sky above, there's an event coming soon - actually starting tommorow, April 11.2018 when ISS crew is scheduled to start send pictures (again).

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All You need is 2m FM receiver, piece of audio interface to connect PC and software.

QRG : 145.800 +/- doppler FM modulation, piece of wire (really) or any wet string outside the house.
The bigger the better of course, 2m resonant vertical antenna will help of course :-D

Time : April 11-14.2018 passes.

Software: MMTTY, RX-SSTV and good to have Orbitron for tracking the ISS pass.

Special event Award will be issued for those who can submit even one picture received.

More at ARISS page

Here it is :-)

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