Saturday, November 12, 2016

Unlocking MSK144 mode in MSHV 1.26 - (obsolete)

Growing interest in new mode MSK144 without installing WSJT-X lead me to write this short "HOWTO"
After installing MSHV we can see MSK144 mode checkbox is grey.

 We will fix it now :-)

Assuming your MSHV instance is installed in drive/partition D: on your PC we need to get into "settings" folder - in my example it's  D:\MSHV126\settings.

 Look for the file as shown above.

 Open it with Notepad and scroll down to get line "mod_identifaer=2"

Change the value from "2" to "0", and in the line below "auto_decode_all=MSK144=0" set value to "1"
Close the file saving changes.

There You are. After restart MSHV will let You operate  MSK144.

Unfortunately there's no way to change it under running program, if You switch to FSK441 or any other mode, software will not let You back to MSK144.
Good idea is to use two separate instances of MSHV, with one configured only to MSK.

Enjoy !

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