Saturday, August 27, 2016

GM6VXB/P Bleo Holm activity #IO98GC

On behalf of Martin GM6VXB I am forwarding following information :

On monday , August 29 Martin will fly to the Bleo-Holm ship, and will
try to activate IO98GC square.
His work there is scheduled for at least 3 days, so 2/4/6m activity is possible.

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Operation will start on 4m, probably Monday evening.
Band will be changed to 6 or 2m for random operation if no takers on 4m.
Antenna change takes 15-30min so please be patient.

Times of operation as follows (UTC) :
Tuesday onwards 05:00-06:00, 09:00-09:30, 11:00-11:30, 11:00-12:00 15:00-15:30 and evenings possibly 18:00-20:00 UTC. 

Depending on workload there's small chance to operate outside of this schedule. Martin is hoping that ship is in good position to keep antenna in good position with low noise.

GL !

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