Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Why not? Rare DX on 4m - Kazakhstan UN7 from May.01.2016

According to and some other sources Kazakhstan gained access to 70MHz!
100W TX and possible full band 70-70.500.

This is great news for coming Es season, because they are in reach of double/triple Es hop. At least from Poland.
Things getting worse heading West Europe, but still possible.
Bearing in mind openings to EA8 and A92 close (or even bit more) to 4000km, Kazakhstan at the distance of ~4000km
to the farest possible active locator makes it quite possible
with massive Es to the East.

No exact information who will be QRV, but there's a list of possible (licenced) operators below.
I did some research and checked how far we can go with some luck - Possible squares on the map below:

AKTOBE region, grid square LO80OG and around ( LO80IH, LO80NH ) - distance 2687km from JO92EF
UN7IB Alexandr, UN7IN Vasilij, UN7IO Yuri, UN7ID Vlad, UN7IT Serge, UN7IZ Alex

ALMATY region, grid MN83KF and around - distance 4375km from JO92EF
UN8GU Andrey, UN8GC Mike, UN2G Gena, UN7GOD Alex, UN5GAV Oksana, UN7QX Andrey, UN9GGH Sergey,
UN6GAP Arthur, UN6QDD Mike, UN8GEQ Anton

Other grids:
AKSAI region, grid LO61MD, UN3M Nick - 2377km from JO92EF
ASTANA region, grid MO51QE, UN7ZZ Nick - 3581km from JO92EF
EKIBASTUZ region, UN1F Anatol, UN7FW Vadim - 3820km from JO92EF
NOVOCHERNOYARKA region, grid MO82JM - 3868km from JO92EF

It will be really miracle to work them. Same feeling before A92IO was logged. Why not UN7 then..


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